How It Works

How to use the uLIBRARY App

In this section you'll find detailed instructions showing just some of the things you can do with the uLIBRARY App.

Using the uLIBRARY App


Select your library. Enter your credentials. Sign in.

My Account

My Account screen displays customer loans, reserves and history, as well as the Next Read feature.

Hint Screen

Hint screens to familiarise users with the app.


Browse by format

Browse by format, audience, genre or theme.

Preview eAudiobook

Preview the eAudiobook.

Listen to the eAudiobook

And listen to the eAudiobook in the eAudiobook player.

Progress controls

Features include:
Progress controls…

Sleep time

…Sleep timer

Speed function

…Speed function.


Switch from Player screen to Details screen…


…to the More screen. This shows titles from the same category and more about the author and narrator.



Browse by format, audience, genre or theme.

Download eBook

Download eBook to your device.

Read eBook

Read the eBook.

Adjust reading settings

Adjust reading settings.

Table of contents

Browse by table of contents or go to bookmarks.

Adjust font settings

Adjust font settings.

Change reading font

Change reading font.